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Landscapes-Ocean, Lakes, Sea

"And They Left Their Boat"

Oils This picture reminds me of the scripture where Jesus is walking by the sea and tells some men who have been fishing for a living to follow Him as disciples who would become fishers of men.

Overlooking Cannon Beach

Oils. I took this picture of my sister, Angel, and her dog while hiking in Oregon. My sister has always been the most encouraging person in my life. Visits with her always include beautiful hikes in the mountains and by the ocean.

Adirondack Chair by the Sea


Lighthouse by the Sea


Kentucky Pond

Oils. My Uncle Mike built this bridge over the pond in his backyard. He sent a photo and asked me to paint this for him a couple of years ago. I told him I was pretty green as an artist....boy did this test me on greens!

Home by the Sea